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Life-changing business education
Shonbay Business School. A private and vibrant school of business based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Where extraordinary minds and diverse perspectives connect in a truly inspiring environment, to have a profound impact on the way the people does business and the way business impacts the people. The school was founded in 2020 by the businessmen Kuanysh Shonbay and Meirbek Berdibaiuly. We offer you a market-oriented, transdisciplinary study program in digital marketing that will enable you to grow into your future career. Dynamic forms of learning and practical applicability are a natural part of the learning experience with us.
The advancement of business and entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan by teaching and practicing internet marketing tools

Our programs stands for quality and service, students” active participation in classes and individual guidance and support on your way to your professional career and high income.
Kulan Mektepbergen
Director of Shonbay Business School, marketer, sale expert
Eskendir Bestai
Head of Shonbay Lab.
Educationist, trainer
We are proud to have our campus in the the most dynamic city center. Our campus is equipped with all modern facilities. This young, growing school has invested over $ ? in its infrastructure in recent years. This gives students access to world-class learning areas and technology and allows them to take advantage of all the opportunities.

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Welcome to our application portal. Applications for the 8th stream of internet marketing courses are open now. Applying is simple – you’re just one step away from you dream course.

You may apply at any of the application deadlines indicated in the admissions calendar. We recommend you apply as early as possible as places are filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Kuanysh Shonbay
Kazakh businessman, economist, marketer and famous restaurateur. The founder of Rumi Group, earned his first million at the age of 19. The author of many bestselling books.
Heads the "Association of Restaurateurs in Kazakhstan"
Co-founder of Versus Academy
Co-founder of Shonbay Business School
Having become one of the most successful restaurateurs in Kazakhstan, he decided to return to the business from which everything began, and which he considers to be his true vocation - teaching. In early 2019, Kuanysh launched the first online business university for a Kazakh-speaking audience.
Meyirbek Berdibaiuly
A successful businessman, marketer, business coach, has been teaching entrepreneurship since 2016. Many successful projects and businesses have emerged with his mentorship.
The author of many bestselling books
Co-founder of Versus Academy
Co-founder of Shonbay Business School